After so many challenges your app get live successfully is really amazing, but unless you market your app to your target audience, it will get lost in the sea of other apps out there, Yes you read it correct.

A general rule of thumb is to spend about as much time promoting your product as you do create them. If you spend 2 days time to write a blog post, then spend the next two days to distribute that blog in as many outlets.

The success of your app totally depends on how effectively you use your time and efforts to do marketing of your app. Below listed points are the most effective ways to promote your app.


What if your app shows up when the user searches keywords related to your app on the play store. Yes. I’m talking about App Store Optimization. Now, to do ASO of your app store, all you need to focus on best-targeted keywords that you want to rank. You can optimize your icon, title, description, and screenshots/videos in order to be found faster on official app stores. Focusing on ASO if lifetime benefit for any application.

#Social Media Marketing

As we all know the power of social media, Why we left behind to reach our target audience through social media. Social media leverage you reach a large amount of audience. Identify your social media channels which are most famous for your industry. You need to design the social media strategy which contains not only promotional posts but it has the post which will engage your audience. After running some campaigns of social media marketing, you will know what kind of posts like your audience. See how it makes a big difference.

#Influencer/Celebrity Endorsement

Influencers are available in every industry and every market. There is a huge mass that follows influencers. As we all know the effect of advertisements through celebrity. Influencers are much like journalists who have a large number of followers. You can reach out to them and ask to spread your app in their social media audience. You can reach out to bloggers of your industry and ask them to promote your app in their content.

#Build a Blog

Before launching your app, you need to start your blog. And Feature all the required information related to your app in the blog content. Make your content marketing strategy and according to that write the content. Before launching your app you can tell your story to your audience. Don’t write only promotional content, but write the content which really helps people. Tell them how your app will help to solve their problems. You can feature your blog posts on other featured blogs through guest posting to reach more customers.

#App Demo Videos

Videos are the best way to showcase everything effectively. As per surveys, youtube is the second-highest in traffic after google. You can create demo videos and impactful tutorials for your app. You can make promotional videos with your app link and social media presence and viral that videos on social media. There are many YouTubers who are featuring apps in their videos, you can ask them to feature your videos in their videos. You can make videos of the client’s review and viral it.

#Get Featured on Mobile App review sites

Reviews are the best ways to show your app’s success and win the customers. If you have positive reviews for your app then you can build trust in the customer’s mind, which allows them to choose your app among all your competitors. Getting featured on the mobile app review site means you have to convince them that your app is really good. By getting featured on multiple app review sites, your online presence will be increased. And by featuring on the website with a large amount of traffic, your website or app also get a good amount of traffic.

#Traditional Marketing and Word of Mouth

Think that if your app is a traditional product then how you will market it? Now same way you need to traditional marketing for your app. If your business has a physical location then it’s really important that you advertise your app throughout your store. You can spread information about your app in some technical events or in the events in which your target audience is.

“Word of mouth is still worth its weight in gold.”

Earn the trust of customers and they will market your app through the word of mouth. The user expects highly personalized experience in the app and by providing it you will earn the trust of your customers. And the rest of the marketing will automatically done by your customer.

Ending Words:

Remember one thing that the quality of app users is more important than the quantity. And make sure you understand your target audience and then make marketing strategy for your app. If you don’t understand your target audience then your marketing efforts will not give you success. If you know any secret weapon to promote the app then let us know, share here in the comment.