Over the past few years, the eCommerce industry significantly changed the retail business. The eCommerce industry is not only developed exponentially but also meeting the over changing needs of consumers. From furniture to shoes and electronics to groceries there is almost everything that we can order from the internet.

eCommerce Growth

There are multiple advantages of eCommerce business-like you don’t need a physical store, you can reach globally, less manpower, 24/7 availability, and many more. But with plenty of advantages, there are some challenges too in the eCommerce business. Such rapid growth in eCommerce will definitely lead to great success. Many eCommerce businesses fail because of not overcoming the challenges. Well planned strategies with the right tool will help your eCommerce business to grow faster.

If you are planning to start an eCommerce business, here is the list of some challenges and it’s solutions to overcome it. You need to be aware of these challenges before starting the eCommerce business. 

#Finding the right Product

Nowadays we have technology so anyone can launch an online store and start selling products. If you sell the products which are already known, then you will be entering in the saturated market because there is already huge competition.


Keep in mind the three things mentioned below when you are selecting the product.

  • It should be a real-life problem solving.
  • It encourages a passion for the seller and the buyer.
  • The product should be forward-looking.

Selecting the right product or product category will become the medium of your success. The products you select will define all the structures of your business from packaging to shipping. Do proper market research, identify customer base, select proper products, and make a proper strategy to boost your eCommerce success.

#Lack of information about Technology

Before starting an online store you must be aware of the different technologies and their features. You must be aware of computer skills because you have to deal with it when you start an eCommerce business. It’s a fact that not everyone knows the computer so you can hire someone to do that for you. You have smart technologies but if you don’t know how to use them then it’s not going to work.


To overcome this challenge you can be partnering with proper technology service providers. From developing the right eCommerce website to optimizing it, you need the right resources to get better performance of your eCommerce store.

Make sure that you hire the agency who is capable of building an engaging store, able to promote your products or services to get more conversions. So the practical approach to overcoming this hurdle is the right service providers because they play a big role in the success of your e-commerce business.

#Customer Friendly Store Design

Making the store live is hard but getting traffic and conversions also hard. The customer-friendly design of your online store is the first step to attracting customers and increasing conversions. Design plays a major role in converting traffic into conversions.


To overcome this challenge you need a store made with proper UI-UX designing. Your website design is a digital image of your business and users will judge your business as your store’s design. Choose the agency that has experience in UI-UX designing of eCommerce stores, check their portfolio, and then make the decision.

Make sure that your store’s design is mobile-friendly. Clear call-to-actions and simple navigation make the user comfortable. After making the store live, you can do A/B testing for designing for good design.

#Trustworthiness in the Store

Never thought that after making your store live, your job is done. Just like the offline market, you need to build trust in your brand to make a successful online venture.

trustworthiness in business

In the eCommerce business, you don’t know your buyers, so the transaction is done based on trust and the information that you provided.


To build trust, customer support is an essential thing. Always mention correct information about products, show trust symbols, use high-quality images, and provide a personalized experience to your buyers. Also, you can provide gift vouchers and extra discounts to returning visitors. If you have loyal customers then you don’t need to worry about the marketing, they will market your product by word of mouth.

#Making Customer Friendly Payment Process

If your website gets a good amount of traffic and people are coming on your site that doesn’t mean that they will buy from your site only. They have plenty of options on the internet to buy the things that they want. You need to serve them everything that they need to complete the transaction.

Around 40 percent of online shoppers tend to leave their carts while completing a transaction due to a complicated payment process.


Provide them a range of payment choices to make their payment process comfortable. It is a challenge to offer all possible payment options as per customers choice in the checkout process.

Baymard reports 10% of shoppers to abandon their carts due to lack of payment methods “

There are many payment gateway integrations available nowadays. So, you can integrate it and provide multiple payment options to customers. You need to provide a seamless experience in the checkout process by reducing the steps in checkout.

#Order Fulfillment

In the eCommerce business, order fulfillment is also a big challenge. Fulfilling the order as the expectation is a hard task. Many times courier companies don’t provide all-round coverage. Basically there are many other challenges also in order fulfillment like order tracking code, international shipping, delay in packaging and pickup, communication with supplier, inventory management, etc.


Without proper order fulfillment, your customer experience and business profitability will suffer. The effective solution to this concern is selecting the best shipping solution. Choose the powerful platform in which you can manage everything about your orders and inventory. So, to overcome this challenge you can tie-up with the best logistics companies, they ship your products on time and make your customer happy.

#Management of Product Return

It’s not good for businesses when the customer returns the product. And this problem is common which all online businesses face. When your customers are not satisfied with the product then they return it for replacement or to get a refund. There are some other challenges that we face when products get a return like interrupted warehouse efficiency, handling product damage, and loss of liquidity.


To overcome this challenge, have a return policy on your website with proper terms and conditions for returning the product after the purchase. Also, ensure that you have mentioned non-returnable products on a particular product that is not allowed to return. Mention proper product description with conditions to avoid confusion in the buyers’ minds.

Finishing Up:

The life of the eCommerce business holder is filled with many things like managing, planning, and many more things. As such you require solid strategies and solutions to survive in the eCommerce business. Above mentioned challenges and its solutions contribute to eCommerce success. If you don’t want to struggle then give extra efforts in every stage of your eCommerce business. If you want to start an eCommerce business or already have an online store, and are facing challenges then let us know. As being the best web development company in Rajkot, India, we are happy to help you, and also you can mention in the comment section. We hope that the above points will help you to get a clear idea about challenges in the eCommerce business and it’s the solution.