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ERP Software

ERPWhat is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) ?

ERP is short form of Enterprise Resource Planning, is business management software that enables organizations to use one software to manage business processes.

ERP refers to systems and software that are used to plan and manage all sales, purchase, inventory, manufacturing, services, financial and other processes of an organization.

ERP software’s benefits range from optimizing processes to helping different departments better collaborate to improving the relationship between a business and customers. This makes it an integrated automation solution that can be widely used throughout the organisation, whether it involves a small or a big business.

ERPKick start your digital journey with our custom ERP for Your Business

Although we are a multi platform IT company, ERP softwares are the main game for us and we consider ourselves, for the most part, ERP experts.

We help digital pioneers to digitize their business through our ERP software development service in Rajkot, India. We are enthusiastic to scale and grow your business, as we are more than just a Web development company. We have strong software development team who’s ready to offer you products that cover all your business needs.

Our team creates different business ERP software to optimize processes, increase and measure productivity and completely address your business needs while helping you to eliminate complexity of managing your business. Our ERP software covers Operations, Finances, Accounting, manufacturing, supply chains, reporting, human resources and many more.

If you start working with us, you don’t simply employ best developers you enlist solution partners, we have strong knowledge on ERP trends, continuously learn and attend professional gatherings and communicate in the same business language as you do.

ModulesThe Best Services
MNS Provides Ever


Get automatic planning of purchasing and purchased goods with complete tracking and costing control details to utilize overall system workflow including the Automatic creation of POs for vendors whenever needed.


Adapt easy and effective solution that let’s you plan and execute your production process with ease. It enables you to virtually control Batch processing & Raw Material consumption, etc.


Increase company productivity and efficiency by automating your sales process with real time sales tracking. Stay up-to-date with the sales chart on your dashboard with information like leads, Sales Representative and deadlines.


Have a real-time visibility over your inventory with our powerful inventory tracking tool and manage stock details in multiple-location by lot and serial number including synchronization with sales order module.

Quality Control

The end product should meet the system quality measurements. This module will allow you run testing operations that lets you deliver quality goods to your customers by eliminating bottlenecks and faults.

Finance & Accounting

Our stable Accounting software helps you streamline accounting operations and makes it easy to have all the financial statements, ledgers, and tax reports on hand.

BenefitsCreating Awesome Dashboard of your ERP

Built with pivotal enterprise approach, applications and solutions provided by MNS Technologies improves profitability, productivity, performance, versatility and boldness of your business. An ERP software suits your business perfectly, and that’s what separates you from your opponents in business.
Increased Productivity
Integrated Information
Reporting and Planning
Improved Customer Service
Reduced Operational Costs
Flexible Systems
Enhanced Data Security
Department Collaboration

ChooseHow to Select an ERP System

Selecting an ERP system, it is important that the software meets the requirement of your company while having the support required to implement an ERP system.
Here is a quick checklist to find right ERP System
List down your required modules ?
Align with company goal ?
Have partner availability for local support ?
Offer training / support option ?
Have references and recommendations from clients ?
Continuously ready for improve and develop new technology and adapt to challenges ?