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BMJ Consulting Services Pty Ltd has been operating since 1985 and trading under its present name since 1995. The main product currently is the well crafted RosterNet. It has been developed using Internet tools to give a best of breed solution to those who need to allocate staff to shifts. RosterNet is staff rostering software (or staff rostering program) is applicable to online shift management in areas such as: Aged Persons Hostels, Security, Call Centres, Retail Stores, Library, Home Care, Hospitality & Social Clubs. RosterNet is available in three versions RosterNetBasic, RosterNetOne and RosterNetPremium. The website is developed in Wordpress.

MNS Technologies provide solutions in the various domains like Healthcare, Real Estate, Hospitality, Entertainment, Retail, Education, Logistics and many more.

  • Skills:Custom Design / Wordpress
  • URL: Rosternet

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