Let’s say, if you have a great business idea, you have registered your domain, also you have created a very good website, but how google or other search engines discover your website and rank it?

As we all know, seo is a long-term process and its results are not immediately. But the point is, if you focus on the website’s SEO from begging, then it has a big impact on the website’s ranking in search engines. You have to do all efforts to bring people to your website for increasing traffic.

At the point When you launch a new website, there are numerous significant and essential things you should do from the SEO viewpoint. Whether you don’t have traffic at first, the below steps will help you in the longer run.

Steps for the SEO of New Website:

Whether your website is in WordPress or any other platform, there are some technical SEO points that should be done when you launch your new website. Below are the basic steps to get started with the SEO of a new website. If you are beginners in SEO then you can learn all the needed things the SEO of a new website.

1. Create and Submit Sitemap in Search Engines

Through the sitemaps, search engines discover all the content on your website. A sitemap is a file that contains the list of all URLs of your website. So, a sitemap will help search engines to find all the URLs of your website. You have to create a sitemap of your website and submit it to the search engine’s webmaster. For example, if you want to submit your sitemap on google search engine then Google search console is a tool where you have to submit your sitemap.

2. Perform Keyword Research

Keyword research is finding that how your customer comes to your site by searching particular keywords. Keyword research is the most important thing in the ranking. You have to put yourself as a customer and think about the keywords through which customers come on your website.

There are plenty of tools available for keyword research. Google keyword planner is the most used tool for keyword research. After keyword research, you have to draft the content with the use of that keyword. You can find the keywords which are driving traffic by analyzing your competitors. You have to analyze all your competitors and according to that, you can draft keywords and content.

3. Create Content

After researching keywords for your site, now you have to create a relevant content stuffed with the keywords. Create content that provides value to your visitors. Do not put copied but create genuine content.

Search engines love the quality content so you need to make a good webpage each time. You can do research on your competitor’s content, how they plan the content, etc. Find popular and engaging topics for content writing which is valuable and useful

4. Create Meta Titles with Keywords

Meta Titles and meta description are the first things that attract the user to click on your link. Create a simple and to the point meta title and meta description stuffed with the keywords. The meta description should be 155 words. A great meta description helps you to stand out among the competitors and it also affects click-through rate. How meta title and meta description of the page looks in search engine is given in below image.

5. Optimize Images

No matter how beautiful images you have in your new website, but are you using images with its full potential? There are mainly two important things for the images from an SEO point of view.

  • Use the images as light weight as to make faster loading of your site.
  • Use alter text for images. Proper name of images will help search engines to understand it easily.

Make sure you use compressed images for faster loading. There are many plugins available for image optimization.

6. Set up Schemas and Open Graphs

Schema is the way to improve your website’s look in search engines. Schema is used to provide extra information of your website to search engines. So, that search engines will show that extra details of your site when it shows the search results. You can implement schema by microdata or JSON script. There are many types of schemas that you learn on schema.org.

Open graphs are used to show particular details when you share the URL od your website on social media. You have to implement Facebook open graphs and twitter cards for your website. Through Open graphs, when you share links on social media, it will show page title, meta description, and featured images along with URL.

7. Must check about Mobile Responsive

As we all know, smartphone usage is increased exponentially. More searches are done through mobile rather than desktop. Ensure that your website is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Checking mobile-friendliness is not a big thing due to smart tools.

You can check mobile-friendliness by google rich results test. This tool will troubleshoot your page and show you the points for improvement. Google is giving more preference to the sites which are mobile-friendly. Also, google is showing differently for mobile users.

8. Improve Page Speed

We all have the experience that we hate the site which takes too much time in loading. And the is much evidence that proves that slow loading websites perform in less search engine ranking.

New websites have a great design but they stuck at page speed. Make sure your website loads within 3-4 seconds. You can use the Google Page Insights tool or any other tool to measure your page speed. If your website is loading after 3-4 seconds then you need to improve it. The tool shows you all the points for improvement for speed. You can work out on those points and make your site speed better.

The Conclusion:

SEO is very competitive, it takes so much effort to rank higher. So, focusing on SEO from stating the website is very important. Moreover, the efforts you put into optimizing your site, the more traffic you get on your website. Apply the above points to do the SEO of your new website and improve your traffic. We are the Best IT company in Rajkot, contact us if you want to improve the SEO of your website. Let us know your thoughts about this article in the connect section.