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Mobile Application

Mobile AppBuild your digital presence with Mobile apps .

At MNS we are fully aware of the incredible craze in the use of Smartphones and Tablets that our society has undergone. Along with this, the need for innovative technology solutions related to mobile devices in IT has grown drastically. So, we at MNS help companies to extend their business in these amazing new areas, making new marketing and promotion, increasing sales through using our versatile Apps.

We are up-to-date with the latest technologies and UI/UX trends to help our client strengthen their brand and connect with their audience in the best possible way. We build quality rich mobile applications with an effort to push our limits and always improve. This motivates us to commercialize your ideas and requirements, through the coding and our technical excellence.

An ideal mobile app, needs to be quick, easy to use, and simply alluring. That’s why when we create apps for android, we optimize it for Android paradigm, similarly when we create iOS apps, we make full use of Apple’s features & functionalities.

AndroidAndroid Application

We develop Android apps, solutions integrated with web services and we guarantee that users have easy access to the features and products you offer. We can optimize your android app to be supported on all devices.

Our Android team has extensive experience in variety of platforms and languages in app design and development. At MNS, we have been using the Kotlin language for Android development because of it’s interoperability and compatibility with all android versions. While developing an Android app, User experience is our top priority. We pride our selves in having a team with diverse skills and expertise in Android apps, to turn your ideas into reality. Thanks to our continuous testing, your mobile app will work flawlessly in your user hands, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Our team consists of specialists for every stage of app creation from UX/UI designers, talented developers to quality testers. Our built-in quality assurance team will make sure that you receive high-quality, clean code that facilitates all the improvements. Each professional will work closely with your team to makes sure you receive the best.

iOSiOS Application

We all know very well that Apple is the greatest mobile market with over 1 billion iPhone users around the world. That’s why to target these largest number of audience, we build reliable and sophisticated iOS apps.

iOS is the pioneer among all smart phones. Our expert designer and development team excel in the development of modern iOS apps that are seamless and secure, and fulfill a wide range of your business aspects. In order to create a fully functional user-friendly App, a hard-working and flexible team is needed who excels in all phases of the project, such as research, design, development, etc… Our team is just like that. With our expertise and skills we can take full advantage of all the cool features that Apple offers and we can efficiently integrate them into our iOS applications.

Our professionals in the team will take care of all the aspects of your project, from defining requirements, to design, development to it’s publishing to App store . We will make sure that your App feature meets Apple’s formal terms and conditions and it goes live as soon as possible.